Bobcat Fire Restoration
Summer Bobcat Update

Summer Bobcat Update

We are just a little over a week out from hosting our fifth campout working trails within the Bobcat Closure area of the West Fork San Gabriel trail corridor. After spending the winter sawing a lot of logs off the trail, we did two campouts at West Fork completing the tread and saw work on the Gabrielino from camp to Kenyon Devore. Currently, it is in great shape. Then we hosted the last two stewardship campouts at Valley Forge working from camp towards our completed work at the Kenyon Devore junction. The saw work is complete but the tread work is intermittent from Valley Forge to Kenyon Devore. Some stretches are starting to look great while other areas are in need of serious repairs.

Progress map

In between campouts, we have been chipping away at Kenyon Devore. We have done a number of small strike missions from Mt Wilson Rd and below from the Gabrielino. The saw work is complete but we still have about 1.25 miles of heavy tread work to do in the middle of the trail. We plan to knock out Kenyon Devore as a side project while keeping the momentum going on Gabrielino. Our plan is to finish the Gabrielino segment from Red Box to West Fork so we can switch gears over to Silver Moccasin. We won two grants for the West Fork to Charlton Flats segment of Silver Moccasin. Hopefully, the area will be looking good by the time the Forest Service reopens this zone on 4-1-23 when the current Forest Order for the Bobcat Fire Area, Road, and Trail Closure is set to expire.

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