Lowelifes RCC

Lowelifes RCC

Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club was founded in 2019.  

Our volunteers represent a diverse group of forest users including mountain bikers, hikers, & trail runners.  All of us come together with a goal of forest resource restoration.

Lowelifes focuses on trail work in Southern California’s Angeles National Forest, fostering conservation, sustainability, & community in Los Angeles County.

Lowelifes is a member organization of The California Mountain Biking Coalition.

Mission Statement

Lowelifes Respectable Citizens’ Club (LRCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in the Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel Mountains National Monument in Los Angeles, California. We are a volunteer trail association dedicated to the education of our volunteers on building, maintaining, and restoring sustainable trails with a commitment to minimizing environmental impacts. Lowelifes promotes multi-use trails, access for bikes, and engaging the community in outdoor opportunities, while promoting responsible trail use.

Board of Directors

Matt Baffert
Erik Hillard
Rob Pettersen

There’s no life like Lowe life.